Kerala - I miss you so much!

The dream of every woman is to marry a loving, charming and successful man. Last year (2008) I got married to my dream man. We went for a lovely holiday just after marriage but since then got so busy in our daily lives that we couldn’t plan another vacation. My husband being a pilot by profession is a real busy man but he leaves no chance to play pranks on me for fun. One fine evening he came home and said – ‘Darling, pack our bags, we are going for a vacation tomorrow morning.’ I thought it would be a prank as usual. Next morning my husband woke me up and asked me to hurry up as we had to catch a flight in next 1 hour. This time I understood that it was surely not a prank and started cursing me for not believing my husband in the first go itself. Only we know how we barely managed to board the flight.

Silly me, soon after take-off, I fell asleep and not even cared to know where we were going and what we are going to do there. I woke up with the flight announcement that our flight will land 45 mins behind schedule. The next 45 mins were really tough for my husband as I fired him with a volley of questions. But all my anger vanished when I came to know that we are going to Kerala for our vacation. I belong to Delhi and have never been to the down South before. Finally we landed at Cochin but again our drive from the airport to our hotel was an extended one due to the city traffic. By now I was really tired and had no idea what my trip is going to be from here on.

I have heard a lot about Kerala all my life and now this was the time to validate the truth about the beauty of this place. It is supposed to be the greenest place in India and regarded as one of the 10 paradises in the world. The coconut palms, the red tile houses, the innumerable lakes and beaches are its key attractions. The colourful festivals, dances, martial arts and wildlife sanctuaries augment the beauty of this place.

Next morning we started on a drive from Cochin to Munnar. On the way itself we saw lush green vegetation, tea plantations, awesome waterfalls, magnificent hills, vibrant lakes, lagoons, crystal clear skies and lot more... It was a truly amazing sight. I still remember the refreshing cool breeze embracing me as welcome to this wonderful place. The local population of Munnar is really gentle and polite and their cheerful faces add to the charm. Elephant rides, spice garden visits, ayurvedic massages and boating experiences are a complete FUN !!! We spent the entire night in a house boat and went down to the backwaters of Kerala. It was simply superb and the experience cannot be expressed in words, one has to be there itself to feel it. At that time we realized that Earth is a real masterpiece and one of God's best creations. The natural beauty, the vibrant culture and the unparalleled hospitality makes Kerala the dream destination for every traveller. Kerala is truly 'GOD'S OWN COUNTRY'. I had a wonderful experience and enjoyed every minute of it. Kerala - I miss you so much !
Reema Jain

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